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Sample Casting Photos

Daniel Hamaj 3.jpg
Daniel Hamaj 1.jpg


It is important to submit the right images when applying for modelling work. When applying for modelling with Alpha Boy Magazine, please submit clear and recent photos with no filters or editing.

  • You DO NOT need professional photos to apply.

  • Set up the camera or your phone with a timer, or have a friend take the photos for you on your phone.

  • Make sure there is good, natural lighting in your application photos.

  • Ensure you have a plain or neutral background.

  • You can send as us many photos as you like but we recommend at least one clear photo of your face and at least one full-length images depicting your whole body. 

  • Stand upright facing camera and like the examples shown leave photos completely un-edited and use no filters.

  • Neutral or plain facial expressions, smiles should show teeth.

  • If you have any tattoos, piercings or prominent scars then please include photos which show where they are.

  • Be confidant, natural and relaxed in your casting photos.

From these we will make an assessment as to your potential and if we would like to arrange an initial photoshoot with you. Alpha Boy Magazine wants to hear form you!


Sample Casting Photos

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