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Seeking photographers from around the world.

We are an independent digital magazine focusing on photography and male modelling. We are seeking to commission photographers to produce exclusive photoshoots for the magazine within the guidelines of our motto: "celebrating the uniqueness and individuality of the male model as an object of desire." Each issue of the magazine focuses on one male model.


We are seeking independent photographers - not necessarily with tonnes of experience and a massive portfolio - but who care about photography as a way to explore a subject through the art of high-fashion portraiture. We are seeing a fresh, bold take on photography while still within the confines of the magazines set parameters. Meaning that you will be tasked with producing a very specific photoshoot, but are allowed to be creative and artistic at the same time.


This job is open to any photographer, anywhere in the world.


  • We commission you to produce one photoshoot for the magazine, for which you will be paid. We can potentially commission more from you in the future, but we will always start with just one.

  • You will need to propose a model for the shoot. You can propose a model just by sending us some casting or social media photos. Model's don't need extensive experience or large portfolios. Generally we are looking for fit, high-fashion or unique looking models. You can propose one model, or more than one.

  • Once a model is approved by the magazine, you can set up the photoshoot. We encourage a studio photoshoot, however simple indoor locations or even multiple locations are perfectly fine so long as images have a neutral background.

  • The photoshoot should showcase the model's abilities. We would ask your model to bring and wear some of his own clothes to the photoshoot, clothes that speak to the models own individual style. Accessories and colour are good. No formal clothes are required. We would also encourage swimwear and underwear.

  •  We also ask that you provide a list of all the brands of clothes that the model wears in the photoshoot.

  • We also want to showcase your skills as a photographer. Each frame you submit should showcase your skills, lighting, composition, as well as the model. Follow and interpret out motto: "Celebrating the uniqueness and individuality of the male model as an object of desire.

  • The model must also model nude for part of the shoot. The model must be comfortable with full nudity, and your photographs should showcase the model's body.

  • Please provide a short bio of the model: age, what are their interests, do they play sports, anything interesting and individual about the model. Around 100 words is fine.

  • We ask that you take the model's measurements in centimetres; including height, neck, chest, waist, hips, arm, leg and UK shoe size please.

  • You may edit and re-touch the images as you see fit, however we encourage minimal editing.

  • We then ask that you submit the image in the highest resolution possible. Between 20-40 images are required. 

  • We will send you two release forms which need to be signed. One signed by you (the photographer) and second signed by your model.

  • We will pay you AU$200 for this commission via PayPal immediately upon receiving the images.

  • Your photos will be published in Alpha Boy Magazine. You will be credited in the magazine and we will promote your issue of the magazine on our social media. If your issue is well-received then we would be happy to commission you again for more paid photoshoots.

  • Images MUST be exclusive to Alpha Boy Magazine and must not be published anywhere else.


Each commission is set at AU$200 which can be divided equally between model and photographer. The photoshoot will then be published in the pages of the magazine with full credit to both the model (first name only) and photographer (full name or brand credit).


A sample magazine can be provided on request for those genuinely interested in applying for this job.

Photographers who are interested in applying for a commission, please submit samples or links to your previous works. From these we will make an assessment and if we would like to arrange to commission you to do a photoshoot for Alpha Boy Magazine. We want to hear form you!

Submit/Apply here.

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