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Sample Casting Photos

Daniel Hamaj 3.jpg
Daniel Hamaj 1.jpg


If you're applying for modelling jobs with Alpha Boy Magazine, you may be asked to submit casting photos with your application. Casting photos are important for us to see what your body looks like right now, without any filters or editing. Only submit clear and recent photos with no filters or editing.

  • You DO NOT need "professional photos". You can take simple casting photos yourself, in a mirror or you can get a friend to take them for you. Any camera or new smartphone will produce hi-resolution images.

  • Make sure there is good lighting in your casting photos.

  • Do not submit dark, blurry or out-of-focus casting photos.

  • Ensure you have a plain, simple or neutral background.

  • Please include head-to-toe images depicting your whole body. 

  • Please be undressed in your casting photos.

  • Casting photos must be un-edited and use no filters.

  • Submit casting photos in the highest resolution possible.

  • Neutral or plain facial expressions, smiles should show teeth.

  • You do not have to be nude but it helps. Shy guys need not apply.

  • Be confidant, natural and relaxed in your casting photos.

  • Keep it simple.

Good casting photos are important and simple to take. Alpha Boy Magazine wants to hear form you! APPLY NOW.

Sample Casting Photos

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